Custom Accounting Services

Structured Accounting Solutions offers a full suite of custom accounting and tax preparation services. We understand that a small business often lacks the resources to employ a full time accountant or bookkeeper. Your business is your passion and while finances may not be core to that business, they are a crucial component to success. We will ensure that you stay focused on that passion. Partner with us and use our expertise to make your small business more profitable. We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why our service offering can be completely customized. All of our services will be tailored to suit your small business’s needs.

Tax Preparation Services

Our firm provides tax planning and preparation services for both corporations and individuals. We use state of the art software and are a registered tax originator with the IRS with full e-filing capabilities. In addition, we also provide assistance when amending prior year tax filings and extensions. We ensure that we are giving you the most accurate advice and servicing by staying up to date on all new tax code changes. Contact us today!

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Our firm is focused on providing small to midsize businesses with full cycle accounting and bookkeeping. We can provide the services of a full accounting department using the most updated financial and accounting software. We can use our resources to support your current CFO, or we can act in the capacity of CFO or Controller ourselves. Our goal is to make sure we provide the custom accounting services that your business requires.

Daily Reconciliations & Reporting

We can take the guesswork out of figuring out what your financial position is from a working capital perspective. Paying your vendors late will be a thing of the past! Our firm will provide you with all the tools you need to manage your cash more effectively. We can commit to reconciling your business accounts daily. It is our mission to provide you with reporting that will help you manage your small business more effectively.

Vendor Management

Establishing good relationships with your vendors is just one key to keep your small business operating optimally. Likewise, the services your business provides are directly tied to what these vendors do for you. Let us be your relationship manager! We will help you maintain a great working relationship with these key players. That will keep you reaping dividends, for instance better credit terms, discounts, or  extensions.

Payroll Services

Above all, we know that people are the foundation of any business. We also know that compensating your employees timely and accurately can be time consuming and nerve racking. That is why we offer total comprehensive payroll services. We will partner with your management team to make sure hours are properly documented and accounted for. We know how important your staff’s role is in the success of your small business, and we will ensure everyone gets paid correctly and on time.

Financial Reporting & Operational Analytics

Financial reports can sometimes be confusing or difficult to understand. Because of that, we have designed our financial reports specifically for the small business industry. We compile all of our data and key metrics into a user-friendly format, which highlight your small business’s financial performance. You will be able to use our reports to make financial decisions, tweak your costs, and monitor variances in order to maximize profits.

Cloud Based Invoice Processing & Document Management

We are focused on employing paperless technology to make all our processes seamless and efficient, yet controlled. You will be able to access all of your accounting and financial records from your tablets, smart phones and computers. Moreover, we can implement processes that facilitate invoice and document imaging for recording, tracking, and payment purposes. Above all, we will keep all your data accessible and secure.

Consulting & Training

One of our biggest responsibilities as accountants is the safeguarding of business assets, especially cash and inventory. We have a proven track record with many small businesses on the brink of closing their doors due to mismanagement or poor internal controls. After assessing our clients businesses, we made recommendations to improve their processes. Because of our consulting, those businesses were able to turn things around. Similarly, we also assist and guide new small business owners during their planning, budgeting and conceptual phase. Whether well established or just starting out, we will tailor all our custom accounting services to your business’s needs.

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