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Structured Accounting Solutions is an accounting, tax preparation, and consulting firm servicing the Orlando, FL area. Our firm offers a full suite of custom-made financial services for small to midsize businesses. We provide full cycle accounting, bookkeeping, tax preparation, and business consulting services, tailored to your business’s needs. We strive to ensure year-round accuracy and compliance, so that you never have to worry about things getting done right or on time. Additionally, you will receive weekly management reports, outlining key metrics to give you  the transparency you need to make timely and precise decisions. Financial statements will no longer be something that you get but never look at because you don’t understand them. Instead, you will be able to see how your small business is performing, and what changes are necessary to continue the road to success.

Small Business Manager

Who We Are

We are an accounting firm that strongly believes in the commitment to our clients. Our years in the business have taught us that our greatest asset is our passion for helping others. We are focused on creating lasting partnerships with our clients and community. That’s because our identity is based on their successes and how they flourish. We want to be the best and most trusted firm in the small business industry. Choose us and we’ll be right by your side. Together we will work as a team to help you make the best decisions for your small business.

Who We Are - Structured Accounting Solutions
What We Do - Structured Accounting Solutions

What We Do

Our firm seeks to meet the needs of small businesses that are owner-managed or operated. That’s because often, these small businesses lack the financial resources to maintain a full time accounting staff. We can offer full accounting support to your acting CFO, enabling them to make timely and accurate financial decisions. We can also act in the capacity of CFO or Controller ourselves, providing the services of a full accounting department. Whatever your needs, we can customize our services to your small business, always using the most updated financial and accounting software.

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